Do you believe in the power of music?
The power of human connection?
Are you spiritual?
Looking to get outside your comfort zone?
Do you love to sing and perform?

The choir rehearses every Tuesday from 7-9.30 in Dublin city centre. Rehearsal is under the direction of Harmony Captains and the Musical Director, Grace Bergin. Every piece we sing has learning tracks, scores, pronunciation guides and lyric sheets available online to help you. We expect singers to spend time every week outside rehearsal learning repertoire; This is because the more comfortable you are with the music, the more we can focus on giving you lots instruction in vocal technique and movement to help you perform to your fullest potential!

Generally as a member of the choir you’ll perform between 3 and 4 times a year, often in different venues around the country. We also run in-rehearsal workshops and host retreats so choir members can get to know each other and feel supported in digging a little deeper as a group.

As a member of the choir, you are a key part of the Discovery community and in this way you have a huge impact on how successful the choir is. Every member is vital cog in the engine and we will reach out to you for help with things like postering or organisation – your skills really matter. In return, you get lifelong friendships, new skills, a brand new world view and the satisfaction that you are making the world a better place.

Still sound good?

Join Us!